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field re-recording

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fonoteca regionale trotta

a sound intervention field re-recording project

.#1: Perugia-Cancelli-Isola Maggiore (PG)


The project is an attempt to trigger thoughts about social mobility.

It try to suggest a movement from the urban to the rural by means of sound.

A short composition with sounds recorded from a city is played back in a natural environment and recorded. the recording is than played back in a different landscape and re-recorded. This process is made several times in different places until when the sounds of the city are filtered out. The transformation process is an attempt to suggest a movement from the urban to the rural.

In this first pilot project the city is Perugia and the natural environment are Cancelli, a small town in a rural-mountain area nearby Foligno (PG) and Isola Maggionre, a Trasimeno lake small island.

phase of the project:

1) sound-map of Perugia:

without a specific strategy in mind I did 3 long spontaneous soundwalk to collect recordings.

2) short composition: i used some recordings of the soundmap to compose a short piece. I tried to give a sonic impression of the city, using the specific sound tonic of the city.

3) re-recording: i playback the composition in a natural environment and recored. i then playback the last recording in a different landscape and recorded again. I did this process of re-recording several time (14) in different soundscape until when the initial "noise" of the composition was filtered out by the natural environment. The final layer is a residual-filtered sound mixed with the last soundscape.

4) i presented the work as a form of installation where was possible to hear distinctively to the incipit composition, the process of transformation in different natural environment and the last layer, the filtered sound city noise.