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"A gardener is someone who is engaged in the cultivation and care of gardens and that's something everyone knows, but if we go further we'll discover that he who knows how to cultivate and take care of anything entrusted to him, plants or sounds or children or sensations, is also a gardener. His task is to make whatever has a potentiality for growth, grow. He doesn't create from nothing, he simply creates the conditions so that the seed can become a plant, an idea a musical composition, a child an adult. A gardener also appreciates the work of other gardeners (and is proud of what they do) because he knows that if the gardens around him don't develop properly, it will be hard for his to do so." (Walter Branchi)

Nicola Casetta is an electronic musician and sound artist from Italy. His current work is split into three avenues: context-specific music, concerned phonography, in situ installation and sound mapping; studio music, largely concerned with transformation of mostly acoustic and electronic materials via Musique Concrete techniques; live electronic music, largely improvised and/or performed in loose, with a custom modular laptop instrument based on live sampling. The last few years Nicola has been performing live electronic music devoted to site-specific compositions in which he uses field recordings and sound synthesis. His musical research is directed to explore a possible link between natural, instrumental and electroacoustic sounds and the interdependent relationship with the place in which they are performed/heard.